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The course I signed up for . . . is equal in quality to a university online course. I like the videos, and the self-paced aspect of the course. I recommend it for anyone that wants a quality course, and who wants to be able to take the course on a self-paced basis.
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I like this learning platform very much. It has a good balance between video, narrative, and outside viewpoint. . . . I absolutely recommend it. It is a tremendous learning experience.
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Photo of Bruce W. Longenecker Bruce W. Longenecker
Photo of Clay Scroggins Clay Scroggins
Photo of Michael G. Strauss Michael G. Strauss
Photo of Timothy C. Tennent Timothy C. Tennent
Photo of John N. Oswalt John N. Oswalt
Photo of Gordon D. Fee Gordon D. Fee
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Photo of Stephen M. Garrett Stephen M. Garrett
Photo of R. Albert Mohler Jr. R. Albert Mohler Jr.
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Photo of N. T. Wright N. T. Wright
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Photo of Michael F. Bird Michael F. Bird
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Photo of Todd D. Still Todd D. Still
Photo of Frank A. James III Frank A. James III
Photo of Miles V. Van Pelt Miles V. Van Pelt
Photo of Derek Cooper Derek Cooper
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Photo of John C. Lennox John C. Lennox
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Photo of Donald Fairbairn Donald Fairbairn
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Photo of Thaddeus Williams Thaddeus Williams
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Photo of Marion Ann Taylor Marion Ann Taylor
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Photo of Peyton Jones Peyton Jones
Photo of Sam Storms Sam Storms
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Photo of George H. Guthrie George H. Guthrie
Photo of John E. Johnson John E. Johnson
Photo of Dolores G. Morris Dolores G. Morris
Photo of David E. Garland David E. Garland
Photo of Nadya Williams Nadya Williams
Photo of Bruce L. Shelley Bruce L. Shelley
Photo of Marshall Shelley Marshall Shelley
Photo of Michael R. Licona Michael R. Licona
Photo of William D. Mounce William D. Mounce
Photo of Gary D. Pratico Gary D. Pratico
Photo of Thomas R. Schreiner Thomas R. Schreiner
Photo of Miles V. Van Pelt Miles V. Van Pelt
Photo of J. Scott Duvall J. Scott Duvall
Photo of J. Daniel Hays J. Daniel Hays
Photo of John H. Walton John H. Walton
Photo of Tremper Longman III Tremper Longman III
Photo of Andrew E. Hill Andrew E. Hill
Photo of Douglas Stuart Douglas Stuart
Photo of Robert H. Gundry Robert H. Gundry
Photo of Thomas R. Schreiner Thomas R. Schreiner
Photo of Irving  Hexham Irving Hexham
Photo of Wayne Grudem Wayne Grudem
Photo of Michael Williams Michael Williams
Photo of Scott B. Rae Scott B. Rae
Photo of Karen H.  Jobes Karen H. Jobes
Photo of Michael F. Bird Michael F. Bird
Photo of Ryan Matthew  Reeves Ryan Matthew Reeves
Photo of Mark L. Strauss Mark L. Strauss
Photo of Kevin Harney Kevin Harney
Photo of Everett Ferguson Everett Ferguson
Photo of Frank A. James III Frank A. James III
Photo of Darrell L.  Bock Darrell L. Bock
Photo of Nabeel  Qureshi Nabeel Qureshi
Photo of John D. Woodbridge John D. Woodbridge
Photo of Stephen Backhouse Stephen Backhouse
Photo of Gregg Allison Gregg Allison
Photo of Peter H.  Davids Peter H. Davids
Photo of Steven C.   Hallam Steven C. Hallam
Photo of Robert L. Hubbard, Jr. Robert L. Hubbard, Jr.
Photo of Craig S.  Keener Craig S. Keener
Photo of Gary M. Burge Gary M. Burge
Photo of Charles E. Hill Charles E. Hill
Photo of Abdu Murray Abdu Murray
Photo of Daniel B.  Wallace Daniel B. Wallace
Photo of Lee M. Fields Lee M. Fields
Photo of Terry G.  Carter Terry G. Carter
Photo of Douglas J. Moo Douglas J. Moo
Photo of Craig L. Blomberg Craig L. Blomberg
Photo of Heath Lambert Heath Lambert
Photo of Mariam  Kovalishyn Mariam Kovalishyn
Photo of Constantine R.  Campbell Constantine R. Campbell
Photo of Roger E. Olson Roger E. Olson
Photo of Gregory  Koukl Gregory Koukl
Photo of Mark D. Allen Mark D. Allen
Photo of Gary Edward Schnittjer Gary Edward Schnittjer
Photo of Fred Sanders Fred Sanders
Photo of Paul Copan Paul Copan
Photo of William W. Klein William W. Klein
Photo of K. Scott Oliphint K. Scott Oliphint
Photo of Justin S. Holcomb Justin S. Holcomb
Photo of Joshua D. Chatraw Joshua D. Chatraw
Photo of Sam Chan Sam Chan
Photo of Wendy L. Widder Wendy L. Widder
Photo of Bill Donahue Bill Donahue
Photo of Christopher J. H.  Wright Christopher J. H. Wright
Photo of Christopher L. Reese Christopher L. Reese
Photo of Jonathan A. Moo Jonathan A. Moo
Photo of Mark L. Strauss Mark L. Strauss