Torah Story (Second Edition)

Torah Story (Second Edition)

Taught by Gary Edward Schnittjer

The Torah Story course introduces the first five books of the Old Testament and helps students understand how these books contribute to the Bible’s ongoing story of salvation.

Course Details

  • 29 Units

  • Self-paced

  • 13.5 hours of video

  • Beginner

  • Torah Story (Second Edition)

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Course Description

Working knowledge of the Torah is essential for every serious student of the Scriptures. Presented by scholar Gary Schnittjer, this Torah Story course offers a student-friendly introduction to the redemptive narrative housed in the first five books of the Bible. Every unit introduces a section of Torah with attention to its basic structure and narrative dynamics and a look at how it connects to the rest of the Christian Bible.

A refreshingly new approach to the Torah—neither an introduction nor a commentary—the Torah Story course provides an apprenticeship on the Old Testament’s first five books. It also provides a model of how to read Scripture intertextually with an eye toward the New Testament. Students will be left with no doubt as to the overarching unity of the message and composition of the Pentateuch.

By completing this course, you’ll gain:

  • familiarity with the narratives and messages of each book in the Pentateuch
  • insight into how to read the first five books of the Old Testament intertextually
  • a broader grasp of how the Pentateuch contributes to the story of salvation
  • confidence in your growing knowledge through unit assessments and personalized review sessions that include award-winning memory building tools

Meet Your Instructors

Gary Edward Schnittjer

PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary

Gary Edward Schnittjer is professor of Old Testament in the School of Divinity at Cairn University. He is author of Torah Story and Old Testament Use of Old Testament.

Course Outline

  • An Apprenticeship on the Torah

  • Introducing the Torah

  • Macroview of Genesis

  • The Beginning (Gen 1:1–2:4a)

  • The Garden and the Exile (Gen 2:4b–4:26)

  • The Flood and the Nations (Gen 5–11)

  • The Abraham Narratives (Gen 12:1–25:18)

  • The Jacob Narratives (Gen 25:19–36:43)

  • The Sons of Jacob Narratives (Gen 37:1–47:26)

  • The Last Days (Gen 47:27–50:26)

  • Macroview of Exodus

  • The River and the Bush (Exod 1–4)

  • The Plagues and the Sea (Exod 5:1–15:21)

  • The Wilderness and the Mountain (Exod 15:22–24:18)

  • The Rebellion and the Dwelling (Exod 25–40)


  • Macroview of Leviticus

  • Sacrifice (Lev 1–7)

  • Purity and Worship (Lev 8–16)

  • Holy Living (Lev 17–27)

  • Macroview of Numbers

  • The First Generation at Sinai (Num 1:1–10:10)

  • Two Generations in the Wilderness (Num 10:11–21:35)

  • The Second Generation on the Plains of Moab (Num 22–36)

  • Macroview of Deuteronomy

  • The Words (Deut 1:1–4:43)

  • The Ten Words and the Command (Deut 4:44–11:32)

  • The Rules and Regulations (Deut 12–28)

  • A View of the Other Side (Deut 29–34)

  • Reintroducing the Torah



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