Church Plantology

Church Plantology

Taught by Peyton Jones

The Church Plantology course, taught by veteran church planter Peyton Jones, is a practitioner's study offering the application of first-century church planting principles to church planters in the twenty-first century.

Course Details

  • 20 Units
  • Self-paced
  • 5.5 hours of video

  • Intermediate
  • Church Plantology
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$199.99 USD

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Course Description

The apostle Paul was a veteran church planter who laid a foundation like a wise and master builder, and we can learn much from his example. In the Church Plantology online course, veteran church planter Peyton Jones combines apostolic principles and biblical wisdom with church history and best missionary practices to prepare you to plant anytime, anywhere, among anyone.

Jones explains the latest research underlying effective planting while allowing for the art of innovation that most methodology ignores. Blending the art and science of planting into a robust guide, this course is essential for any church planter—whether you are planting in post-Christian Europe or urban American cities. Plantology principles provide planters with the foundation they need to survive beyond the initial first years and lead thriving churches that plant new churches to reach the world.

By completing this course, you’ll gain:

  • Discovery of first-century church starting practices from Moses to Paul
  • A thorough understanding of the various types of team leadership styles and how to leverage their drives, strengths, and burdens
  • Insight into what the church looks like on mission, from discipleship and spiritual gifts to gathering together
  • Practical advice on staying spiritually healthy as a planter, gaining funding and partnerships, and creating rapid multiplication from a seasoned veteran of global and local church planting
  • Confidence in your growing knowledge through personalized review sessions, unit assessments, and award-winning memory building tools

Meet Your Instructors

Peyton Jones

Peyton Jones has served as a master church planting trainer for the North American Mission Board, the content director of Exponential, and co-host of the Church Planter Podcast. A bivocational planter for over two decades, Jones has planted churches in the open air at Long Beach and in Starbucks in Europe. Jones is the founder of the New Breed Church Planting Training Network. A former evangelist at Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s church Sandfields, he earned his master’s in theology from Wales Evangelical School of Theology. Jones actively trains and coaches bivocational planters and lives near San Diego with his wife and two children.

Course Outline

  • What Is Church Plantology?

  • The Planter’s Rookie Mistakes

  • The Biblical Patterns of Planting

  • The Planter’s Gifting

  • The Planter’s Character and Health

  • Team Leadership

  • Functions of the Planter’s Team

  • Strike Teams

  • Church Planting Drives and Burdens

  • Mission, Values, and Strategy

  • Culture and Contextualization

  • Discipleship as a Lifestyle

  • Church Planting Models

  • Spiritual Dynamics of Church Planting

  • Discovering, Developing, and Deploying the Gifts

  • Scattering on Mission

  • Gathering on Mission

  • Funding Church Planting

  • Gospel Patrons and Partnerships

  • Forming Networks for Rapid Multiplication


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