How to Fight Racism

How to Fight Racism

Taught by Jemar Tisby

How to Fight Racism online course by Jemar Tisby is a guide for fighting racism that provides you with practical tools and suggestions, along with real-world examples of change, to enable you to become a proactive initiator of racial justice.

Course Details

  • 11 Units

  • Self-paced

  • 3.5 hours of video

  • Beginner

  • How to Fight Racism

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Course Description


Racism is pervasive in today's world, and many are complicit in the failure to confront its evils. Jemar Tisby, author of How to Fight Racism, along with the award-winning The Color of Compromise, believes we need to move beyond mere discussions about racism and begin equipping people with the practical tools to fight against it.

This course will help you pursue racial justice with hands-on suggestions bolstered by real-world examples of change. Tisby offers an array of actionable items to confront racism in our relationships and in everyday life through a simple framework—the A.R.C. Of Racial Justice—that helps you consistently interrogate your own actions and maintain a consistent posture of anti-racist action. This course is for anyone who believes it is time to stop compromising with racism and courageously confront it.

Tisby roots the ultimate solution to racism in the Christian faith as we embrace the implications of what Jesus taught his followers. Beginning in the church, he shows you how to be part of the solution and suggests that the application of these principles can offer us hope that will transform our nation and the world. Tisby encourages us to reject passivity and become active participants in the struggle for human dignity across racial and ethnic lines.

When you finish this course, you will come away with a clear model for how to think about race in productive, practical ways.

By completing this course, you’ll gain:

  • Foundational knowledge about the ARC of Racial Justice
  • Insight into how Christian principles of love, justice, and the image of God serve as the ultimate solution to racism
  • Practical ways to take a stand for justice in your world
  • Confidence in your growing knowledge through personalized review sessions and unit assessments

Meet Your Instructors

Jemar Tisby

MDiv., Reformed Theological Seminary

Jemar Tisby is president of The Witness: A Black Christian Collective where he writes about race, religion, politics, and culture. He is also cohost of the Pass The Mic podcast. He speaks nationwide at conferences, and his writing has been featured by the New York Times, the Atlantic, and CNN. Jemar is a PhD candidate in history at the University of Mississippi, focusing on race, religion, and social movements in the twentieth century.

Course Outline

  • How to Fight Racism

  • How to Explain Race and the Image of God

  • How to Explore Your Racial Identity

  • How to Study the History of Race

  • How to Do Reconciliation Right

  • How to Make Friends

  • How to Build Diverse Communities

  • How to Work for Racial Justice

  • How to Fight Systemic Racism

  • How to Orient Your Life to Racial Justice

  • Conclusion



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