Learn the Biblical Languages Track

Learn the Biblical Languages Track

Taught by William D. Mounce, Miles V. Van Pelt, Gary D. Pratico

Learn to study the Bible in the original languages.

With the Biblical Languages Introductory Certificate Program, you’ll learn the basics of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic—everything you need to begin working with the text of the Bible in the original languages.

Course Details

  • 5 course series

  • Self-paced

  • 41.5 hours of video

  • Beginner

  • Retail Price of All Courses: $1,499.95

36 Month Access
$989.99 USD

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Course Description

This program will deepen your understanding of God’s word for preaching, teaching, and personal study. You’ll gain foundational knowledge for reading and understanding the Bible in the languages it was originally written in—and you’ll be well-positioned for advanced language study.

Imagine opening a copy of the Greek New Testament or the Hebrew Bible and being able to understand what it says in the original languages. When you complete this Certificate Program, you'll be able to do exactly that.

Whether you prepare sermons, lead Bible studies, or teach the Bible in a classroom study, there’s simply no better way to get equipped with the skills you need for serious study of the biblical text.

Key Benefits

  • Get immediate access to all 5 online courses in the program
  • Access 76 hours of video lectures from William D. Mounce, Gary D. Pratico, and Miles Van Pelt
  • Work through the courses at your own pace—take up to 36 months
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion
  • No prior knowledge of Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic is required

Designed to help you succeed

  • Work at your own pace.
    Take as much time as you need to work through each course and each lesson—up to 36 months. We’ll walk you through every lesson, step-by-step, to make sure you understand each concept before you move on. Pause and rewind video lectures, work through the review sessions as many times as you’d like, and study at the times of day that work best for you. With this program, you’ll get the flexibility to learn in a way that’s best for you.
  • Learn from seasoned teachers and scholars.
    Your instructors are William D. Mounce, Gary D. Pratico, and Miles Van Pelt. They have taught the material for decades both in traditional classroom settings and online. Everything has been expertly designed and time-tested. Thousands of students have learned to read the Bible in the original languages using these materials—and now you can, too.
  • Get access to tools proven to help you learn.
    Take advantage of the most sophisticated adaptive learning technology ever developed for language acquisition. The tool, built by Cerego, has been used around the world by language learners of all ages and abilities.
  • Get digital access to all course materials—anytime, anywhere.
    Get access to 76 hours of video materials, plus all textbook readings, exercises, quizzes, and more. The lessons and learning materials have been adapted from the Basics of Biblical Greek, Basics of Biblical Hebrew, and Basics of Biblical Aramaic textbooks. Hundreds of thousands of students have successfully used these materials to learn the biblical languages. Now you can, too.
  • Begin working in the languages the very first day.
    In just a few hours from now, you'll have learned the alphabet and basic pronunciation.

What you will learn

Completion of this Certificate Program will allow you to:

  • Work with the original language texts of the Bible.
  • Master the elements of Greek grammar and syntax.
  • Master the Greek noun and pronoun case system.
  • Master the Greek Present Active Indicative.
  • Master the Greek verbal system.
  • Master the nuances of the Greek participle.
  • Begin to apply Greek syntax in exegesis.
  • Build a basic Greek vocabulary of 320 common Greek words, 80.25% of the Greek New Testament.
  • Master the basics of reading and writing in biblical Hebrew: the alphabet, vowels, syllabification, and pronunciation.
  • Identify Hebrew nouns, pronouns, adjectives, prepositions, and the definite article, and know their various forms.
  • Master the Hebrew verbal system.
  • Recognize and understand basic Hebrew syntax.
  • Build a vocabulary of 300 words in biblical Hebrew.
  • Master Hebrew infinitives and participles.
  • Begin to use a working knowledge of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary in exegesis of the Old Testament.
  • Know the Aramaic alphabet.
  • Be able to read all 269 verses of Aramaic in the Old Testament.
  • Understand Aramaic nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and other parts of speech.
  • Acquire a basic familiarity with Aramaic verb forms.

What's Included

This Certificate Program includes complete access to the following online courses:

  • Basics of Biblical Greek 1, taught by William D. Mounce
    Wistia video thumbnail
  • Basics of Biblical Greek 2, taught by William D. Mounce

    Wistia video thumbnail
  • Basics of Biblical Hebrew 1, taught by Gary D. Pratico and Miles Van Pelt

    Wistia video thumbnail
  • Basics of Biblical Hebrew 2, taught by Gary D. Pratico and Miles Van Pelt

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  • Basics of Biblical Aramaic, taught by Miles Van Pelt

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By enrolling in this Certificate Program, you will get access to all five courses at a reduced rate. If you were to sign up for each course separately, you would pay $1,499.95. But by signing up for this program of study, you will pay only $999.99—that’s $500 in savings.

Additionally, instead of 12-month access, you will get a full 36 months to complete all courses, giving you extra flexibility.

The Certificate Program is ideal for:

  • Preachers, teachers, and leaders who desire to be more faithful to the text of Scripture as they prepare sermons, teach lessons, or lead Bible studies.
  • Pastors who may have learned the biblical languages in the past but are looking to refresh their knowledge.
  • Beginning students who desire a solid foundation for future work in Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic at the advanced level.
  • Anyone who wants to take their study of God’s word to the next level by working with the original languages.

How to earn the Certificate

  1. Achieve an 80% or higher grade in each of the five required courses.
  2. Complete all coursework within 36 months of enrolling.
  3. Notify us of completion.

When we have confirmed you have satisfied the program requirements, we will issue a Certificate of Completion.

Meet Your Instructors

William D. Mounce

Ph.D., Aberdeen University and President of BiblicalTraining.org

William D Mounce lives as a writer in Washougal, Washington. He is the President of BiblicalTraining.org, a non-profit organization offering world-class educational resources for discipleship in the local church. See www.BillMounce.com for more information. Formerly he was a preaching pastor, and prior to that a professor of New Testament and director of the Greek Program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He is the author of the bestselling Greek textbook, Basics of Biblical Greek, and many other resources. He was the New Testament chair of the English Standard Version translation of the Bible, and is serving on the NIV translation committee.

Miles V. Van Pelt

Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Miles V. Van Pelt is the Alan Belcher Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages, Director of Summer Institute for Biblical Languages, and Academic Dean at Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi.

Gary D. Pratico

Th.D., Harvard Divinity School

Gary D. Pratico is professor of Old Testament and director of the Hebrew language program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. He has been teaching Hebrew for nearly thirty years. 

Biblical Language Certificate Details

Upon completing all five of these courses, you will need to click the below link to apply for your Biblical Language Certificate.


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